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Consignment Contract

Selling on consignment is easy and a great way to make extra cash from all those clothes just hanging in your closet. As one of Central Pennsylvania's best women's consignment shops, we'll show you how.


By creating an account with us, you are agreeing to the following policies and procedures:

1. You are 18 years old or older and the items you wish to consign are owned by yourself.

2. Items should be prepared following our guidelines located in our consignment checklist, linked below. Items that are found to be damaged after being accepted will automatically be donated.

3. Out of state/out of area consignors must donate unsold items if unable to come to the store to pick up. If you wish to pay for return shipping please email us prior to submitting the contract. Local consignors may choose to have their unsold items returned or donated when submitting their information.

4. Our consignment period is at least 60 days & begins on the in stock date. This means your items will spend a minimum of 60 days on the sales floor. 

5. Our consignors receive 40% of the net selling price for designer & name brand pieces. For luxury brand pieces our consignors receive 60% of the net selling price. Net selling price is defined as the sales price before taxes, store fees, and after discounts are applied.

6. Items are priced by us, and are included in sales and coupons at our discretion.

7. Unsold items must be picked up by the date given. Consignors will receive information on which items are ready for pick up and a pick up date each month for expired items.

8. We will do our best to safeguard your items, however we are not responsible for lost shipments, items damaged by fire, water, or anything else beyond our control. By consigning with us, you are agreeing to waive any claim or rights against My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe. You also agree to take all risk of loss or damage to items being consigned.

9. Checks for sold items are mailed out during the second full week of each month. Checks are issued each month for the items sold in the previous month. Our bank automatically voids checks after 90 days. Any checks needing to be reissued for this reason will be charged a $5 reissue fee. Store credit is also available. Once you choose store credit, any items sold under store credit will only be paid for via store credit. If you'd like to switch to a check, any items sold after the switch will be paid out via a check.

10. Withdrawing items from our inventory before the 60 days may result in a deletion of your account. Out of season items that are consigned will be given an in stock date. Items can not be pulled prior to the in stock date. You will be charged a fee for pulling your items out of consignment early. Items on consignment may not be sold by the owner or a 3rd party during the consignment period. Our images of each item may not be used by anyone but My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe. 

Submit your information

Don't forget to download our checklist to help your prepare for your drop off!