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New Drop off Procedures

Starting October 11th we will have a new drop off procedure in place! We are so excited for these changes that will be a great thing for our consignors. 

Starting October 11th we will be doing away with appointments. Any appointments made prior to August 28th for after October 1st will be honored.
We will be accepting drop offs of everything* Monday thru Saturday for the first 3 consignors to show up. Everything is defined as clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, wallets, and other accessories we accept. Designer handbags/wallets will be accepted all 7 days a week during business hours, no appointment needed, regardless if we've hit our 3 drop off limit for the day. Our drop off limit of 25 pieces for our consideration will remain in effect.

This change will help us implement another change in our processing time. This is the one you guys are going to LOVE!
In switching to this process for drop offs, we will be able to process items SAME DAY*, which means you will make money on your items faster than ever before. *Please note for items we need to use a professional authentication company for OR items dropped on weekends may have a 48 hour processing time.

We have already started to make changes to our processing system as we work thru our remaining appointments that is allowing us to process items same day/within a 24 hour time frame for items dropped off M-F. We are so excited to have no backlog and our customers love that everything is truly out on the sales floor.

As always please feel free to call us with any questions you may have! 717 668 3020

Don't forget to visit our How to Consign page to download our Consign Checklist.