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It's time to spill the beans!

So at the end of February we told you guys that we were moving, and we really couldn't give any other details. You all know that we are pretty open with you guys about the store and what's happening, so it was just as hard for us to keep it in, as it was for you guys to wait. 

And now it's time to finally share with all of you where our new home will be downtown. We are incredibly excited to be joining the other amazing merchants on N. Beaver St as of May 3rd. Melissa is departing on a new chapter with Sweet Melissa's that no longer includes 4 walls of a shop, and so we are taking over 38 N Beaver St, and making it our own. While we are sad that she will not be a daily fixture downtown, we can assure you that she will still be around, and maybe even back in 38 N Beaver doing chocolate samplings with us! 

We mentioned the move back in February because our space was being shown, and we wanted to be the ones to tell you we were moving, not someone else. It was important to us that we be in control of this story as much as possible. It was also equally important that we allow Melissa the time to do what she needed to do and tell her customers in her own way. 

Thank you to all of you who patiently waited, and were good sports about us not telling you no matter how hard you tried to get us too. We promised you there was a good reason for it all, and now you know.

We will be closed April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd to get the new location ready to go. We plan to open Thursday, May 3rd. We invite you to come out that entire weekend as we celebrate 5 years of being in Downtown York. The official 5 year celebration party is on Saturday, May 5th. Get more details here.